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Experts in Natural Health since 2013

Established in Savonlinna, Finland in 2013 Terve Elo Oy (Terve Elo LLC) was one of the Finnish resellers supplying the public with high-quality nutritional supplements manufactured in Finland and the EU.

We’ve grown a lot since then. Unlike many others, Terve Elo has been closely working with nutritionists and practitioners in the field, searching for the most effective nutrients and highest quality products for different applications.

We treat a customer as an individual providing it with the latest science and recommendations, accompanied by the best level of support and service.

Food supplements should not replace a balanced and varied diet, healthy eating, and lifestyle. Though some situations might require to top-up diet with vitamins, minerals, or nutritional supplements to feel happier and more energetic. This is where it is vital to pick up high-quality products.

Finnish manufactures of nutritional supplements are well known for fine technologies and herbal eco-clean ingredients, many of which grow right here in Finland. The best possible components and processes are used to ensure products are of the highest possible quality.

Our core values are quality, innovation, and learning

We are proud that the products we sell are designed and manufactured in Finland.

We pride ourselves on providing a wide range of flexible solutions to suit health conditions in the most effective and best possible way.

Explore our wide range of vitamins and supplements for different health conditions.

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