After the Infection Covid-19 (Long Covid)

After the Infection has Gone (Coronavirus)

Explore our range of vitamins and supplements from Finland to ease Long Covid symptoms and support your general health!

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In many people coronavirus can cause symptoms that last for along time after the infection has gone. Doctors believe that the symptoms of Long Covid could be the result of damage to organs, the nervous system and the immune system caused by the virus.

‘Brain Fog’, Memory, Concentration

Extreme tiredness is one of the most common symptoms of Long Covid. Many people experience difficulty getting out of bed in the morning and performing everyday tasks.

Tiredness, Fatigue

Out of many symptoms you can have these common Coronavirus symptoms that include:

Tiredness, fatigue, ‘brain fog’, memory and concentration difficulties, stomach aches, dizziness, cough, headaches, sore throat, shortness of breath, chest pain, difficulty sleeping, joint stiffness and pain. The list can be much bigger.

Difficulty sleeping, Mood

It might take long to recover from COVID-19 (post-COVID-19 or Long Covid). You can start feeling better after a couple of weeks, month or it might take much longer – maybe a year or even longer.

Cough, Shortness of Breath

If you are worried about your symptoms, the best way would be to contact your GP. After passing some tests suggested by GP, you maybe be given some advice regarding how to manage your symptoms and how to recover.

Stomach aches, Digestion

After you have visited your doctor you may want to try our wide range of supplements targeted at specific symptoms before going any further, for example, rehabilitation service.

Some of these quality healthy supplements from Finland can dramatically improve your life.

Joint stiffness, pain

There many symptoms you can have after Coronavirus infection that depends on whether you had COVID-19 for the first time, chronic diseases, your general health condition, and immunity levels before and after COVID-19.


Physical causes of Erectile dysfunction can include heart disease, diabetes and raised blood pressure.

Sea Buckthorne Omega-7


Сauses of Sexual dysfunction in women can include an infection, diabetes or heart disease, problems with hormones.

Blood Circulation

The normal, healthy blood circulation and heart function can be improved and supported by certain nutrients.

Energy supplements


Many people suffer from a lack of energy. See what can contribute to a reduction in tiredness and fatigue.

Vitamar Omega-3


Omega oils are filled with essential fatty acids. Our wide selection of Omegas include Omega 3, 6, 7, and 9.

Urinary Health

Urinary Health

Poor urinary system health which includes kidneys, bladder and urethra can lead to disorders, painful and uncomfortable sex.

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