Effective Immune Functions of Micronutrients

The association between micronutrients and COVID-19 has been demonstrated in the review based on scientific evidence that showed the role of nutrients to strengthen the immunesystem against the emerging infection caused by COVID-19. The review emphasizes micronutrients’ role in the development and efficient functioning of the immune system, primarily the antiviral defense system. Zinc plays […]

Women intestinal wellbeing

Cranberry extract – Inulin – Lactic acid bacteria capsules Product Information For the well-being of the urinary tract and intimate areas. Maintains good bacterial strain in intimate areas and intestines. Urisan Probiforte -capsules contain Cran-Max® cranberry extract, inulin fibre and three lactose-free, enterocoated lactic acid bacterial strains (at least 1 billion probiotics/per daily dosage). Together they […]

AHCC Immunomax

This unique product provides 250 mg of AHCC® per capsule. AHCC® is manufactured by propietary cell culture process for its immunomodulatory function. The main active components of Immunomax are polysaccharides (α-glucan and b-1-3 glucan) and glycoproteins derived from AHCC ® which is a well-controlled substance obtained by reacting specific enzymatic reaction with basidomycetes mycelia. AHCC® […]

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