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Hankintatukku brand

For almost 40 years, Finnish pharmaceutical factory Hankintatukku Oy has developed, manufactured and marketed high quality food supplements in various categories such as basic vitamins and minerals as well as different special supplements targeted for example to joints, heart health, skin care and for the immune system. We are one of the leading Nordic manufacturers in food supplement production and our extensive product portfolio contains over 200 different products. Hankintatukku’s pharmaceutical factory and logistics center is located in Karkkila in Southern Finland. Hankintatukku’s headquarters is located in Helsinki.

Hankintatukku has a strong focus on export business and our products are currently sold in over 30 countries worldwide. Besides our own brands, Hankintatukku also makes private labels and offers contract manufacturing.

GMP- Base of the Production

Hankintatukku’s production process follows the guidelines of Good Manufacturing Practice, GMP, which have been defined for pharmaceutical factories.

These guidelines define the various stages of the production and the associated inspection system linked with them. The purpose of GMP is to ensure high quality and absolute safety of the products.

GMP quality and safety system covers all the company’s operations. The observation of GMP is supervised by the Finnish Medicine Agency FIMEA.

Tablets, Capsules, Extracts, Tonics, Cosmetics

Hankintatukku Oy has more than 200 special products covering whole range of supplements and other special products such as:

  • vitamins, mineral and trace element supplements
  • special supplements
  • lecithin and oil supplements
  • weight control supplements
  • herbal remedies
  • various extracts and tonics
  • cosmetics

Research and Innovative Product Development

Innovative, effective and continuous R&D are the two key success factors of Hankintatukku, which has a large network of scientists and other specialists to collaborate with.

Hankintatukku’s product development and realisation of quality control targets are guided by the specific Scientific Advisory Board. The scientific members of the board are internationally acknowledged experts from special fields such as botany, organic chemistry, pharmaceutical technology, medicine and nutrition.

Continuous Quality Control

A central part of the production is quality control which continues throughout production ending up to finished, packed products ready to be delivered.

Hankintatukku is committed to providing their customers nothing but the best nutritional supplements that they deserve.


Sustainability is one of the key elements of Hankintatukku. For us it means concrete actions from the resourcing of the raw materials to customer satisfaction. As a food supplement manufacturer it is extremely important to ensure the safety and quality of the products throughout the product life cycle. This begins from the research and product development phase all the way to the production and to the end user.

Sustainability means to comply with the legislation as well as to respect the principles of sustainability. This means to be responsible of the economical and social effects as well as climate and environment in all the parts in the value chain.

We have chosen four important sustainability themes for our company and for the employees; we promote health, we take care of employee wellbeing, we operate in sustainable manner and generate social wellbeing.

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