Healing Herbal Supplements

Not all herbs have been completely tested to see how well they work or how they interact with other herbs, supplements, medicines, or foods.

Some herbal supplements are same strong and effective as medicinal preparations. It is important to consult your doctor about any herb or dietary supplement you are going to use.

Manufactures of food supplements cannot legally say that food supplements can cure, treat, or prevent disease. They can only say that food supplements contribute to health maintenance and well-being.

Not all supplements are equal in quality or purity or equally effective. It is important to select a manufacturer of food supplements very carefully.

People have used herbal active ingredients in a form of leaves, trees, plant etc. for thousands of years to help health and to treat illness. In fact, almost everything (including poisonous mushrooms and moss), whatever grows on the Earth has been tried to cure different medical conditions.

Many of these herbal ingredients now are the basis for today’s common medicines. For example, Willow bark tea has been used for centuries to relieve fever. Pharmaceutical companies managed to identify the chemical in Willow bark which relieves fever and use that knowledge to produce aspirin.

People use food supplements in every day life for many health conditions. Herbal medicines have been used for ages to prevent illness, cure infections, relieve fever, and heal wounds.

Herbal medicines can also treat constipation, ease pain, or act as relaxants or stimulants. Many researches have shown that herbs and plants supplements do have the same effectiveness that conventional medicines do. Though other supplements may have no effect or may be harmful.

Same as conventional medicines, food supplements can cause side effects, trigger allergic reactions, or interact with medicinal preparations or other supplements. That side effect or interaction with another medicine or supplement may even worsen other health conditions.

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