Oregano antibacterial oil, 10ml

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Oregano antibacterial oil, 10ml


Oregano Antibacterial, Antiseptic Oregano Oil with cold-pressed olive oil

Product Information

The essential Oregano oil in Candimin originates from the flowering stems and leaves of Origanum vulgare, the carvacrol content of which is approximately 80%.

Carvacrol acts as an antiseptic. Essential oregano oil is one of the most effective and versatile of nature´s agents against bacteria, viruses, fungi and other micro-organisms.

  • Antibacterial, antiseptic, against inflammation
  • Against Candida albicans yeast infection
  • Against Sinusitis (rhinosinusitis), tonsillitis and other infections of the respiratory tract, cough
  • Headache, toothache, muscular pain, joint pain
  • Against cramps, promoting digestion, for nausea, for irritated bowel
  • Externally for fungus infections, such as nail fungus, against psoriasis and acne, against warts
  • On sunburn skin


Internal: For the well-being of gastrointestinal tract take 2 drops 2 times per day in a small amount of water.

External: For scalp and against micro-organisms: mix with shampoo or liquid soap; for local treatment (e.g. nails): massage 1 drop locally 2–3 times per day.


Intestinal microbes: Essential oregano oil protects from intestinal infections – for example when travelling – as it kills harmful microbes. Essential oregano oil is effective against Candida albicans yeast infection in particular. 1-2 drops of Candimin mixed with a small amount of water twice per day.

Digestion: Essential oregano oil promotes digestion, especially in case of IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) affecting large intestine.


Mix with shampoo or liquid soap, for local treatment apply 1 drop.

Head area: For scalp, such as dandruff or psoriasis: Mix 2 drops with shampoo and leave for a couple of minutes, rinse.

Headache: Apply a drop on the temples.

Ear pain: Apply a drop behind the ear.

Maxillary sinus: Massage 1 drop near nose cavities, in addition use internally.

For teeth and gums and for disinfection of the mouth: 1 drop on tooth brush instead of tooth paste. If you swallow it after brushing your teeth, it’s only for good – your intestines will calm down.

Other areas of the body: For a whole body wash: Mix 2 drops with liquid soap.

For stiff muscles: 1 drop locally.

Joint pains: Massage locally. Disinfection of wounds: Apply 1 drop on the wound and cover with bandage.

Warfs: 1 drop 2-3 times per day. Nail fungus: 1 drop 2-3 times per day.

Sunburnt skin: 1 drop 2-3 times per day.


Essential oregano oil -30 %, cold-pressed olive oil -70 %

Suitable for

This product is suitable for all adults.

Use for children with care.

Pack size

10 ml with a dropping pipette.


Keep away from eyes. Keep away from children.


Hankintatukku Oy

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Oregano antibacterial oil, 10ml

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