Superman+, 60 tabl.

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Superman+, 60 tabl.


Both men and women can use Superman+ testosterone booster to improve the quality of sex life. It is one of Finland’s most popular products in its field that can help normalize levels of testosterone.

Testosterone in men plays a role in puberty and fertility. It also affects sexual desire.

It is essential to maintain a normal level of testosterone.

Testosterone levels in men start to decrease after the age of 30 years. This is a natural process of aging. That has men looking for ways to increase their testosterone levels.

In some men testosterone can reach abnormally low levels. Symptoms of abnormally low testosterone can have an impact on your quality of life. These symptoms can include decreased body hair, muscle mass, erectile dysfunction and low sex drive.

Superman + has been revamped and now includes Muira puama, guarana, arginine, zinc and selenium, enriched with Tribulus terristris. The active ingredients in Superman synergistically enhance each other’s effects.

Zinc promotes the maintenance of normal testosterone levels in the blood as well as normal fertility and reproduction. Selenium promotes normal sperm formation.

Daily Intake

Take 1-2 tablets a day.


The recommended daily dose (1-2 tablets) includes:

  • Tribulus terrestris extract 500-1000 mg
    including saponins 200-400 mg
  • Muira puama extract 250-500 mg
  • Guarana seed extract 50-100 mg
    including caffeine 11-22 mg
  • Zinc 12.5-25 mg (125-250% *)
  • L-Arginine 11-22 mg
  • Selenium 50-100 µg (91-182% *)
    * Daily intake reference value


Tri Tolonen

Superman+, 60 tabl.


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