Zinkosan® Sinkki+C, 120/200 tabl.

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Zinkosan® Sinkki+C, 120/200 tabl.


Zinc citrate – Vitamin C supplement

  • For healthy skin
  • Maintains the immune system
  • For cell protection
  • Regulates enzyme activity


1 tablet of daily intake contains:

Vitamin C                                      80 mg

Zinc                                                 15 mg


Anticaking agent E 460, Maize starch, Ascorbic acid, Zinc citrate, Sodium ascorbate, Surface finishing agent E 470b

Daily Intake

1 tablet per day.


Free from lactose, yeast, gluten or sweeteners.

Suitable for

Suitable for adults. Suitable for vegans.

Pack size

120 tablets /60 g and 200 tablets /100 g

Physiological effects

  • The activity of nearly 200 different enzymes is regulated by zinc. It plays a central role in preventing inflammations, restoring skin condition and wound healing. Zinc and vitamin C are antioxidants protecting cells. Vitamin C and zinc complement each other’s functions.
  • Zinc deficiency may increase inclination to several pathogens and affects both indigenous and adaptable immunity. A sufficient supply of zinc is important especially during pregnancy.
  • Zinc has an important role in preventing common cold, and according to studies may also speed up recovery from a common cold.
  • Zinc is needed to protect the body against heavy metals and free radicals.
  • Vitamin C is important for the immune system, skin and collagen health, gums, blood vessels and iron absorption.


Hankintatukku Oy

Hankintatukku Oy is one of the leading manufactures of quality food supplements in Finland.
Zinkosan® Sinkki+C, 120/200 tabl.


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