Good nutrition is essential for a healthy immune system so it’s vital to eat well with viruses around you. Balanced diet is important to keep your immune system healthy and support general health.

It is vital to Include a wide range of different fruits and vegetables in your diet to get plenty of vitamins and minerals.


Vitamins and minerals can top up your diet if there’s anything you are lacking in your food. Some vitamins are really important with Covid-19 around.


  • Vitamin D is the vitamin that many people are most likely to lack because of spending little time outside
  • Vitamin K supports normal blood clotting and might help protect against Covid-19 complications. Another great way is supplementing your diet with FreeStream that can help regulate blood clotting and improve blood circulation.
  • Vitamin C is essential to support our immune systems. If there’s not enough fruits and vegetable in your dieting, it can be a good idea to take Vitamin C supplement.

Other recommendations to support your immune system and improve general health are regular exercises, sleeping well and managing your stress.

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