Bodyflex Glucosamin Plus, 120 tabl.

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Bodyflex Glucosamin Plus, 120 tabl.


Glucosamine – Chondroitin sulfate – MSM

  • Three active ingredients for joint health: Glucosamine, chondroitin sulphate and MSM
  • Glucosamine is plant-based (maize)


1 tablet of daily intake contains:

  • Glucosamine hydrochloride  500 mg
    containing glucosamine  415 mg
  • Chondroitin sulfate  400 mg
  • OptiMSM® methylsulphonylmethane   300 mg


Glucosamine hydrochloride*, chondroitin sulphate from fish, OptiMSM® methylsulphonylmethane, Surface finishing agent E 470b

*plant based (maize)

Daily Intake

1 tablet per day.


Not recommended for adolescents, during pregnancy or nursing or to be used with blood coagulant medicine.

Free from lactose, gluten, sweeteners and yeast.

Pack size

120 tablets / 150 g

Physiological effects

  • Glucosamine is a key structural component in cartilage tissue, which is important for the mobility and durability of the joints.
  • Cartilage is formed by glucosaminoglucans and proteoglucans. If the body`s ability to produce these essential materials decreases, it might cause damage to joint cartilage and become painful. Through supplementation of glucosamine such damages can be eased: supplementation of glucosamine can actually increase the body’s own glucan production.
  • Vegetal-based glucosamine hydrochloride, used in Bodyflex Glucosamin Plus, is produced from maize originated glucose by using fermentation, without organic solvents. Maize is carefully removed from the product; however, the product is still not recommend for people with a maize allergy.
  • Chondroitin sulfate is a component of human connective tissues found in cartilage and bone. It helps to reduce pain and inflammation, improves joint function and slows the progression of osteoarthritis (OA).
  • MSM (methylsulphonylmethane) is an organic water-soluble sulphur compound found naturally from the human body, especially in joints, muscles, skin, nails and hair. In food, MSM is found in many sources, but it’s largely lost during food processing, storage and cooking. This makes it difficult to obtain substantial amounts of MSM from dietary sources. MSM is one of the major building blocks of glycosaminoglycans and it helps maintain the structure of connective tissue by forming cross-linkages through disulfide bonds; sulphur strengthens the tissues that make up the joint which make it also critical to good joint health.
  • Bodyflex Glucosamin Plus food supplement supports an active lifestyle and is suitable especially for older people and for persons, whose joints are exposed to stress.


Hankintatukku Oy

Hankintatukku Oy is one of the leading manufactures of quality food supplements in Finland.
Bodyflex Glucosamin Plus, 120 tabl.


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