Bodyflex Super Collagen, 60 tabl.

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Bodyflex Super Collagen, 60 tabl.


Collagen hydrolyzate tablets

  • For the wellbeing of joints and cartilage
  • Peptan® IIm collagen hydrolyzate  contains chondroitin sulfate and hyaluronic acid.  The ingredients work synergistically and enhance the effect of collagen.


Daily intake of 2-6 tabl. contains:
Collagen      1000-3000 mg


Peptan® IIm hydrolysed collagen (porcine), Anti-caking agent E 468, Surface finishing agent E 470b

Daily Intake

2 tablets per day, dosage can be increased to 6 tablets when needed. For best results, it is recommended to take 6 tablets per day for the first 4 weeks and thereafter 2 tablets per day. Tablets can either be swallowed as whole with liquid, or cut in half, chewed smaller or crushed and mixed with food.

Pack size

60 tablets/ 32 g

Physiological effects

  • Collagen is a natural ingredient, the main protein in the connective tissue and skeletal, which helps the body to re-form the joints and skeleton. The cartilage and tendon consist mainly collagen. The body itself produces collagen, but as we grow older, collagen production drops sharply, which can cause cartilage thinning. Daily collagen supplement promotes joint flexibility and wellbeing.
  • Bodyflex Super Collagen contains highly absorbable hydrolysed Peptan® IIm collagen 500 mg / tablet. Peptan® IIm collagen consists of natural bioactive peptides that have been cleaved into free amino acids or di- and tripeptides, as well as chondroitin sulfate and hyaluronic acid, which work in synergy to enhance the effect of collagen and provide nutrients to the joints and cartilage.
  • Peptan® IIm collagen is easily and effectively absorbed from the small intestine as dipeptides, tripeptides or free amino acids, thereby increasing the body’s collagen synthesis. Collagen peptides are transported throughout the body. Peptan® IIm contains 55-70% hydrolyzed collagen or protein, 12-25% glycosaminoglycan, containing at least 12% chondroitin sulfate and about 1% hyaluronic acid. Due to its versatile composition, the dosage is lower than that of conventional hydrolysed collagen preparations.
  • The amino acid composition of the collagen is unique; it contains only hydroxyproline amino acid. The appearance of this amino acid in the bloodstream gives the body a sign to produce collagen. The body begins to produce collagen itself and it can be any type of collagen needed. Preparation’s mechanism of action is therefore based on the signal given by the preparation, not that it is absorbed as such or that collagen is formed from it after cleavage. The amino acids of the collagen can be used as building blocks for the production of the body’s own collagen.
  •  Peptan® IIm stimulates chondrocytes, or cartilage cells, to produce additional aggrecan and 2-type collagen, the two main components of healthy joints. Aggrecan is a large amino sugar molecule (proteoglycan) that collects fluid and gives cartilage its unique properties, fluid elasticity, flexibility and pressure resistance. With age, body’s ability to synthesize new aggrecan decreases, and when it is degraded by certain enzymes, osteoarthritis occurs. A 45-year-old person synthesizes only 50% of aggrecan and a 69-year-old 25% compared to people in their twenties. Thus, almost all people over the age of 50 have osteoarthritis in one or more joints.
  • Peptan® IIm is a type 2 collagen that is present in the body, especially in the joints, but also in the skin and skeleton. Peptan® II m collagen hydrolyzate facilitates joint problems and promotes joint function by improving shock absorption and joint lubrication. It also protects the joints and helps to rebuild it.


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Bodyflex Super Collagen, 60 tabl.


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