Collagen Beauty Formula, 60 tabl.

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Collagen Beauty Formula, 60 tabl.


Collagen Beauty Formula supplement specially designed for the beauty of the skin.

100% naturally sourced.

The product contains zinc and biotin, which help keep skin and hair normal. In addition, zinc helps keep nails normal. Also contains vitamin C, which contributes to normal collagen formation for normal skin function.

Collagen is the major component of many tissues in your body such as bones, cartilage, skin and accounts for 80% of the dry weight of your skin, providing it with its strength and structure.

Dr. Tolonen’s fish collagen is obtained from the skin and scales of caught (non-farmed) cod.

Carnosine has been shown to rejuvenate connective tissue cells, which may contribute to wound healing. Damaged proteins accumulate in the skin, causing wrinkles and loss of skin elasticity.

Carnosine has been shown to protect against degenerative diseases and premature aging.

Multiple researches have shown that Carnosine, an amino acid compound, has been shown to specifically protect against the age-related degradation of protein.

Vitamin C contributes to the normal functioning of blood vessels, cartilage and skin, as well as supports normal collagen formation.


(1-2 tabl.) of daily intake
Collagen 500-1000 mg
L-carnosine 125-250 mg
Zinc 10-20 mg (100-200 %*)
Vitamin C 50-100 mg (62-125 %*)
Biotin 50-100 µg (100-200 %*)

* % EC NRV


Fish collagen, filler (cellulose), L-carnosine, starch (corn), maltodextrin, stabilizers (hydroxypropylcellulose, crosslinked sodium carboxymethylcellulose) sodium L-ascorbate, zinc sulphate zinc sulphide, anti-caking agents, fatty acids, magnesium.

Daily Intake

Take 1-2 tablets per day with water. Do not exceed the recommended intake.


Tri Tolonen

Collagen Beauty Formula, 60 tabl.


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