M-Nutrition Power Booster Mania, 500g

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M-Nutrition Power Booster Mania

Arctic Berry

This product contains amino acids that support muscle strengthening and prevent immunosuppression. Mania Power Booster also contains the electrolytes needed during training.

Ideal for usage in gym training and martial arts, for example.

Recommended Daily Intake

Mix one measuring spoon (20 g) of powder with about 500ml of water. Enjoy about 30 min. before training.

Usage Tip: You can split the product daily intake into two portions and enjoy half before your workout and a half during your warm-up, giving you a really steady and long-lasting boost to your workout.

Nutritional Content per Serving:

Arctic Berry (20 g): energy 70 kcal, protein 10.5 g, carbohydrates – 6 g, of which sugars – 4.7 g,  fat- 0 g, of which saturated fat-0 g, Fiber-0 g, Salt-0.1 g.

Active Ingredients per Daily Intake:

 Arctic Berry  20g
 D-glucose  4720mg
 Arginine alpha-ketoglutarate  3000mg
 Citrulline malate  2600mg
 L-glutamine  2200mg
 Beta-alanine  2000mg
 L-tyrosine  1000mg
 L-taurine  1200mg
 L-lysine  1000mg
 Guarana extract  500mg
 Ginseng extract  500mg
 Tritium citrate  200mg
 Caffeine  185mg
 Potassium chloride  67mg


The product contains beta-alanine, which may cause transient and harmless tingling of the skin.
Not recommended for children, pregnant, breastfeeding, or caffeinated people.

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Servings per pack: 25



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Weight 550 g
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