Menowell® 45+

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Menowell® 45+


Tribulus terrestris – Flax extract – Soy isoflavone tablets

Suitable for vegans.

Product Information

  • Balances hormonal functions naturally.
  • Three active ingredients: Tribulus terrestris extract, flax extract and soy isoflavones, together with calcium and vitamin D for healthy bones.


Calcium carbonate, Xylitol as sweetener, Tribulus terrestris extract, Flax seed extract, Guargum (E412) and magnesium stearate (E470b) as surface finishing agents, Liquorice extract, Anti-caking agents croscarmellose sodium and silicon dioxide, Soy isoflavone extract, Cholecalciferol

Daily intake

1 tablet 1–2 times per day.


as per 1-2 tablets:

Tribulus terrestris extract,                                           125 – 250 mg

containing protodioscins                                            12,5  –  25 mg

Flaxseed extract,                                                               75 – 150 mg

containing lignans                                                              15 –  30 mg

Soy isoflavone extract                                                       25 – 50 mg

Soy isoflavones                                                                    10 – 20 mg

Calcium                                                                              200 – 400 mg

Vitamin D3                                                                            2,5 – 5,0 µg


  • Free from lactose, gluten and yeast
  • Suitable for vegans

Physiological effects

  • Menowell® 45+ contains three different ingredients from plants that balance women’s hormonal functions naturally.
  • Tribulus terrestris extract increases the production of luteinizing hormones (LH) in hypophysis. In women, this increases the formation of testosterone in the adrenal gland, thus providing a hormonally balancing effect.
  • Compounds formed from the flax extract’s lignans stabilise hormonal functions and have a favourable effect on bone metabolism and the blood’s cholesterol levels. Lignans are strong antioxidants maintaining the youthfulness of cells. Lignans also promote cardiovascular health.
  • Soy isoflavones are essential plant estrogens that have a neutralising hormonal effect.
  • Calcium and vitamin D ensure that bones stay firm and strong.

Pack size

60 tablets / 63 g


Hankintatukku Oy

Hankintatukku Oy is one of the leading manufactures of quality food supplements in Finland.
Menowell® 45+


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