Vital, 100 caps.

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Vital, 100 caps.



Enjoy Vitality, live a better life!


100 bilberry and vanilla flavoured chewable tablets for Immune support

Primal Power from Bavarian Regions

Contains vitamin B12 – helps to reduce fatigue and exhaustion / Supports natural immunity / Growth factors, vitamins and trace elements / Helps to recover after sports events.

This super product is a combination of colostrum rich in antibodies, and the super-berry blueberry. This product also improves the recovery process of people with a very active lifestyle.

The anthocyanins in bilberries help to maintain the normal collagen level of the eyes and the normal functionality of the retina.

Bilberries also promote normal sugar, lipid and protein metabolism.

Bilberry was chosen as the berry of the year in 2013 in Finland. It is our best-known super-berry.
Wild bilberries are more nutrient-rich than cultivated blueberries. The anthocyanin concentration, for example, in wild blueberries is considerably higher compared to pineapples and oranges.

Colostrum is the first milk of a cow that has just calved. It is so full of antibodies that it protects the calf against any infections for a long time. The effects are so convincing that numerous studies have been conducted on colostrum.

Colostrum contains Vitamin B12, which helps to reduce fatigue and exhaustion.

Colostrum contains all of the essential nutrients. It contains 20-200 times the growth factors and 100 times more antibodies than regular milk, and up to 300 different strains of antibodies.

This wonder milk is brought to us from the wonderful Bavaria, milked from cows grazed in the clean mountain climate.

Of course, in the traditional Arctic way, we combined colostrum with bilberry, the real super-berry, to further enhance its effects.

The growth factor and antibody content of colostrum is much higher as compared to regular milk.
The antibodies in colostrum rehabilitate the intestines.

Colostrum contains all of the essential nutrients. It contains 20-200 times the growth factors and 100 times more antibodies than regular milk, and up to 300 different strains of antibodies.


As per 2-3 tablets of recommended daily intake.

  • Colostrum powder – 300-450 mg
  • Blueberry powder – 100-150 mg


Sweeteners (isomaltitol, xylitol), colostrum powder, blueberry powder, filler (microcrystalline cellulose),
vanilla flavour, anti-caking agents (magnesium stearates, silica).

Country of origin (colostrum): Germany

Recommended daily Intake:

Take 2-3 chewable tablets daily. The recommended daily dosage must not be exceeded. Nutritional
supplements are not a substitute for a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. Keep out of reach of small children. Store in a cool place.

Nutritional Information 3 tablets
energy 0,4 kJ
energy 0,1 kcal
fat 1,7 mg
total fatty acids 0,5 mg
fatty acids, polyunsaturated 0,3 mg
fatty acids, n-3 polyunsaturated 0,15 mg
rasvahapot n-6 monityydyttymättömät 0,15 mg
fatty acid 18:2 cis,cis n-6 (linoleic acid) 184,5 µg
Carbohydrate Components
carbohydrate, available 15,15 mg
fibre, total 4,95 mg
starch 2,7 mg
sugars 12,6 mg
fructose 6,9 mg
glucose 5,55 mg
polysaccharides, non-cellulosic, water-soluble 0,75 mg
fibre, water-insoluble 3,9 mg
Protein and nitrogen compounds
protein 299,6 mg
tryptophan 15 µg
histamine 0,02 µg
Vitamins and minerals
calcium 39,31 µg
iron 0,91 µg
iodine 0,002 µg
potassium 174 µg
magnesium 15,3 µg
sodium 7,21 µg
salt 7,65 µg
phosphorus 39,01 µg
selenium 0,0003 µg
zinc 0,32 µg
folate, total- 0,02 µg
niacin equivalent NE 0,9 µg
niacin 0,6 µg
Vitamin B6 0,09 µg
Vitamin B2 (riboflavin) 0,04 µg
Vitamin B1 (thiamine) 0,2 µg
Vitamin B12 (cobalamin) 4,9 µg
Vitamin C 10,5 µg
Vitamin A 0,01 µg
carotenoids 0,47 µg
Vitamin E (alpha-tocopherol) 2,85 µg
Vitamin K 0,01 µg
molybdenum 0,0002 µg
copper 0,002 µg
manganese 0,002 µg
chloride 16,22 µg
Natural acids incl. phenolic acids
caffeic acid 31,65 µg
ferulic acid 1,8 µg
gallic acid 3,6 µg
p-coumaric acid 10,65 µg
protocatechuic acid 5,55 µg
sinapinic acid 0,6 µg
syringic acid 21,9 µg
vanillic acid 9,75 µg
benzoic acid 240 µg
citric acid 861 µg
malic acid 765 µg
chlorogenic acid 268,5 µg
quinic acid 487,5 µg
acetic acid 54 µg
shikimic acid 3,9 µg
organic acids 2,1 µg
amino acids
alanine 0,1 µg
arginine 0,09 µg
phosphoserine 0,27 µg
taurine 0,83 µg
phosphoethanolamine 0,3 µg
asparagine acid 0,69 µg
threonine 0,12 µg
serine 0,13 µg
glutamic acid 0,75 µg
glutamine 0,3 µg
proline 0,05 µg
glycine 0,9 µg
citrulline 0,04 µg
valine 0,22 µg
cystine 0,01 µg
methionine 0,05 µg
isoleucine 0,07 µg
leucine 0,53 µg
tyrosine 0,13 µg
phenylalanine 0,23 µg
ornithine 0,38 µg
lysine 0,08 µg
histidine 0,05 µg
asparagine acid 0,06 µg
alpha-aminobutyrate 0,01 µg
Other substances
creatine 6,97 µg
L-carnitine 0,12 µg
taurine 0,3 µg
choline 3,18 µg
ascorbic acid 0,15 µg
alpha-lactalbumin 15,02 µg
niacin 0,01 µg
pantothenic acid 0,01 µg
delphinidin 413,7 µg
cyanidin 440 µg
petunidin 128,4 µg
peonidin 26,7 µg
malvidin 192,6 µg
unspecified anthocyanidins 10,7 µg
catechins 1,05 µg
epicatechins 10,2 µg
kversetiini 12,2 µg
myricetin 4,7 µg
Phenolic polymers
proanthocyanidins 222 µg
resveratrol 0,1 µg
IgG1 90,1 µg
IgG2 15,6 µg
IgM 8,4 µg
IgA 6 µg
Antimicrobial factors
lactoferrin 9 µg
lactoperoxidase 180,2 µg
lysozyme 2,4 µg
Growth factors
IGF-1 0,002 µg


  • Gluten free
  • Manufactured with preserved vitality

Pack size

100 kpl / 90,5 g


Arctic Nutrition

Enjoy vitality! Live a richer life!
Vital, 100 caps.


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