Viral diseases, caused by pathogenic virus infections are still the leading cause of death in humans worldwide.

The emergence of viral resistance to drugs, as well as serious adverse effects induced by antiviral drugs, has caused serious medical problems.

Specifically, viruses have the capacity to enter cells, strip off sections of DNA, and weave them into their own genetic structure.

A large number of structurally unique antiviral compounds from medicinal plants (herbs) have been identified. The advantages of natural compounds are fewer side effects in comparison to orthodox medicinal drugs.

The world is filled with antibacterial substances, most produced by other bacteria, as well as fungi and plants. Bacteria, to survive, learned how to respond to those substances a very long time ago.

What makes the problem even more egregious is that most of the antibiotics originally developed by human beings came from fungi, fungi that bacteria had encountered a very long time ago.

The period once euphemistically called the Age of Miracle Drugs is dead – Marc Lappe.

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