Chaga mushroom, 50 ml.

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Chaga mushroom, 50 ml.


Concentrated Chaga extract made from Finnish, hand-picked organic Chaga

High quality food supplements. No additional ingredients such as preservatives, dyes and finishes are used in the manufacture.

Chaga is a safe mushroom to consume for the majority of people. For centuries, Chaga has been used in folk medicine and by traditional practitioners.

Chaga mushroom contains a large number of polysaccharides in the form of β glucans (beta glucans), which have a strong antioxidant activity inside your body.

These compounds help fight off free radicals and maintain a normal cell cycle. Also, they act as prebiotics to stimulate the growth of healthy gut microbiota.


Daily intake of 10-20 drops contains accordingly 50-100 mg of beta-glucans of Chaga mushroom (Inonotus obliquus).

Daily Intake

For adults 10-20 drops per day.


Water, alcohol, loaf extract.
Alcohol content 20% vol.


Gluten-free, yeast-free, domestic, lactose-free, additive-free, corn-free, unsweetened, soy-free,
sugar-free, unsalted. Does not contain starch.

Suitable for

Suitable for vegetarians.

Pack Size

50 ml


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Chaga mushroom, 50 ml.


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